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    Dr. Michael Acurio is the orthopedic surgeon many patients in Bossier City (La.) like to call when they need orthopedic help. Dr. Michael Acurio is the father of five children and a grandfather of one girl, Ella Kate. Dr. Michael Acurio is a supporter of The Strand Theater in Shreveport and gives to local charities

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    Dr. Michael Acurio has worked in Louisiana for decades as an orthopedic surgeon. He founded his private practice, known as Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana, in 1991. In the years following, he and his expert team have earned countless testimonials from happy, grateful patients. The two...
    Dr. Michael Acurio is an orthopedic surgeon with decades of experience. Dr. Michael Acurio based in Louisiana and has helped countless patients through his practice. Dr. Acurio’s son, Jacob, is a survivor of a neuroblastoma who was treated at St. Jude’s Hospital. As such, Dr. Acurio is active in...
    Dr. Michael Acurio is an orthopedic surgeon with a private practice in Louisiana. He has decades of experience and an overwhelmingly-positive reputation for caring for families in and around his area. “Dr. Acurio has taken care of our family for many years,” wrote one happy patient. “Great...
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    As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Acurio mostly focuses on diagnosing and treating ailments that affect bones, muscles, and joints. Dr. Michael Acurio patients range from young men and women to the elderly. Sports injuries and joint issues are among the ailments he provides help for, and also consults on degenerative diseases, infections, and tumors. Orthopedic surgeons regularly perform replacement and joint repair operations.

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