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Dr. Michael Acurio Collaborates to Produce Published Research Abstracts

Dr. Michael Acurio collaborated with his colleagues to publish the abstract “Abnormal Brain 5-Hydroxytryptamine Concentration in Genetically Epilepsy-Prone Rats” in Neuroscience Abstracts.Acurio collaborated with Dailey, Reigel Jr., K.H. Ko and P.C. Jobe to produce “Abnormal Brain Biogenic Amine Levels in Genetically Epilepsy-Prone Rats”.He also engaged in research with Richard J. Friedman to produce “Effect of Growth Factors and Indomethacin on Fracture Healing of the Rat Femur”.

Dr. Michael Acurio’s production of scientific papers includes “Total Hip Replacement in patients with a Sickle Cell Hemoglobinopathy”, produced in conjunction with Richard J. Friedman, M.D. and “Hip Replacement in patients with a Sickle Cell Hemoglobinopathy”, also with Dr. Richard J. Friedman.Dr. Michael Acurio has maintained a constant continuing education ethic throughout his career.His participation in medical education events includes Greenville Orthopedic Day in Greenville, South Carolina, the American Orthopedic Association Residents Conference in Rochester, New York and his presentations at the Current Concepts in Orthopedic Trauma gathering in Charleston, South Carolina.Acurio has also presented at the Southeastern Regional Orthopedic Residents Conference and at the South Carolina Orthopedic Association.Other notable attended events in the professional career of Dr. Michael Acurio include the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Meeting and the Southern Orthopedic Association Meeting in Maui, both in 1990.

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