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Dr. Michael Acurio: Complications That Arise with Healing Bones

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Dr. Michael Acurio is a specialist in treating musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. As part of the orthopedic specialists at Specialists Hospital of Louisiana, Dr Michael Acurio can tackle on numerous cases that affect bones and muscles and provide treatment options that range from corrective surgery to physiotherapy.

While orthopedic treatment aims at restoring normal functioning to the patient, there are instances where complications arise with the healing bones. Such complications include bone deterioration, blood poisoning, limping, intense pain, and fever. When such complications occur, it’s important for the surgeon to examine whether the bones are healing properly.

Injured bones

Damaged bones that fail to heal properly can present several issues, including:

  • Malunion deformities: These are deformities that present as crooked or shortened limbs, the result of bones healing in improper positions.
  • Non-union breaks: These are fractures in the bone that allow for its free movement at least six months after injury. The cracks are caused by little motion at the fracture site, low blood supply, or infection.

When treating these issues, techniques such as bone grafting and use of fixation devices are used.

Bone Infections

An infection of the tissue surrounding the bone can lead to bone disease. Often, use of antibiotics is recommended. Plastic surgery can also be used to eliminate the infection, usually by removing the dead tissue.

Infections of the joint are also monitored closely by doctors, who use antibiotics or surgery to drain the joint of any inflammatory cells.

For further information on orthopedic care, make an appointment with a specialist like Dr. Michael Acurio or visit:

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