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Dr. Michael Acurio - Exercises to Avoid if You Suffer from Hip Pain

· dr michael acurio

A lot of people suffer from hip pain, and as Dr. Michael Acurio understands, sometimes the pain can be aggravated by exercise. The experienced orthopedic surgeon has been practicing since 1986 when he completed his medical degree at Louisiana State University Medical School. Specialists like him know the kind of activities to avoid if you suffer from hip pain, some that are highlighted below:

Cardiovascular exercise

Exercises that improve cardiovascular health often involve a lot of motion and movement that exerts a lot of stress on the hip joint. Such exercises include jumping and running. In general, cardio activities that involve repeated bending of the hip joint likes climbing stairs, rowing machines, cycling or step aerobics should be avoided. Depending on the severity of the pain, slow movement can be integrated into a workout.


Stretching may require spreading the legs and turning the hips. Avoid stretch exercises which irritate the hip joint causing more pain. Always pay attention as you perform stretches, and stop if you feel a certain stretch causes pain in your hips.

Strength training

Any strength activity that exerts excess stress on the hip joint should be avoided. Squats and lunges are the obvious culprits in this scenario. Using light weights can be the answer, but you have to be careful and put them down if hip pain or discomfort becomes an issue.

Dr. Michael Acurio is Board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. He’s established a successful private practice in Louisiana.

Dr Michael Acurio
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