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Dr. Michael Acurio: Going Above and Beyond

Dr. Michael Acurio has worked in Louisiana for decades as an orthopedic surgeon. He founded his private practice, known as Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana, in 1991. In the years following, he and his expert team have earned countless testimonials from happy, grateful patients.

The two reviews highlighted below represent only a small portion of the wonderful things that Dr. Michael Acurio’s patients have to say about him:

“I love this man,” begins one patient. “He's professional and when he says something is wrong, believe him. I've been going to see him about ten years. He always takes good care of me. He goes above and beyond for his patients. Never heard any bad things about. You can laugh and talk to him. Thanks Dr. Michael Acurio for everything. All smiles over here.”

“[Dr. Acurio] has been my surgeon since 2002,” wrote another patient. “He is brilliant, insightful, personable and stays on top of new developments and technologies in his field. He is still treating me now, in 2016. I have complete faith in his skills. Friday, August 5th he will fully replace my left knee! I am excited and hopeful/confident. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Acurio.”

Read in details about Dr Michael Acurio at here:

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