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Dr. Michael Acurio: Knee Cartilage Replacement Therapy

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Dr. Michael Acurio is a physician and Orthopedic surgeon based in Benton, Louisiana. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1982 Magna Cum Laude and earned his medical degree from the Medical School of Louisiana State University Shreveport. Dr. Michael Acurio is now an American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery Fellow and a member of the Bossier Parish Medical Society as well as the Shreveport Medical Society. He has become very familiar with and a leading surgeon in the practice of knee cartilage replacement therapy.

The articular cartilage in a person’s joints, particularly in knee joints, is known for very low friction, poor regenerative qualities, and high wear resistance. Without this cartilage, walking is usually so painful it’s virtually impossible. Dr. Michael Acurio is one of the many orthopedic surgeons who work with this kind of cartilage regularly. He and surgeons like him can sometimes replace knee cartilage and help repair the joint by performing a wide range of surgical treatments on the knee including cordectomy and debridement treatments which remove the diseased and undermined cartilage to stop inflammation and pain. Surgeons also can perform abrasion and microfracture surgical procedures including drilling and other techniques that encourage the regrowth of knee cartilage after it has broken down to a certain point.

Dr. Michael Acurio is a certified expert in these kinds of procedures and works hard to improve his services to his clients. Dr. Acurio has successfully repaired the knee joints of many patients in his community, including several older patients who struggled to get around in any capacity before his work.

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