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Dr. Michael Acurio: The Benefits of Medical Residency Programs

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After completing his medical school education and internship at Louisiana State University Medical School, Dr. Michael Acurio enrolled into the residency program at the Medical University of South Carolina. His decision is one that many medical students take when considering learning and experiencing more in their professions. Luckily, there are many medical facilities in the country capable of providing high-quality residency programs.

With experienced doctors in demand, the importance of a residency is priceless. Here are some of the benefits of taking that route.

Practical Experience

Regardless of how the knowledge you’ve gained in medical school and through practical assignments, you learn so much by being in a work environment. You can never really be fully a doctor until you’ve had hands-on experience in that role. Besides, classwork and assignments are not always that exciting. When you’re going the extra mile to understand surgical procedures like ACL reconstruction, practical work is a great teacher.

Next Step

As a resident intern, your scope of responsibilities widens, thus providing you with a chance to learn fundamental skills and improve your knowledge. In many programs, you get to be directly responsible for a patient’s welfare by coming up with a plan of care. Under the supervision of senior staff, you also get to perform some of the necessary procedures like lumbar puncture, central line placement, among others. By the time you finish a three-year program, you are confident and knowledgeable to provide care to even the critically ill patients.

Dr. Michael Acurio completed his residency in June 1991. The following month, he went into private practice at Bossier Orthopedic Clinic/Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana.

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