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Dr. Michael Acurio: When to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

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Dr. Michael Acurio is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has performed a wide range of procedures and other treatments for the reduction of pain and inflammation in the most-often damaged joint in the human body, the knee. Whether it’s from arthritis, other illnesses and diseases, excessive wear and tear, or injury, knee replacement surgery has never been easier and safer than it is now, according to orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Acurio. He and his team of medical professionals at his clinic in Benton, Louisiana work hard to relieve the pain and inflammation in the knees of their patients can restrict their movement and eventually cause pain even in resting situations.

Dr. Michael Acurio recommends knee replacement surgery if nonsurgical treatments for knee injuries and damage aren’t effective. Medication and walking supports work for some patients with knee joint problems, but they don’t work for everyone. Dr. Acurio doesn’t recommend total knee replacement for everyone. Those who have otherwise functional knee joints or are young enough don’t necessarily need their knee joint replaced, but those of a certain age and in certain situations are prime candidates for the procedure, which has become safer and more common over the past several years with advances in surgical procedures and technology.

Dr. Michael Acurio has perfected the knee replacement procedure at his practice, which has helped many patients in his community overcome various knee and other joint issues rapidly. Dr Michael Acurio has seen his patient list grow in recent years as his reputation for being an insightful and kind doctor and surgeon has grown.

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